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  The key to great candy is...the hands that makes them! The Shooga team go to great lengths to make 100% sure you get handmade candy that not just looks good, but tastes great!  

Anyone can make Candy. Not every one can make great Candy. The Shooga factory runs like a well-oiled machine. Everyone knows their role, and have been making Candy for quite some time now.

To make the perfect Candy we use a few simple tools: A large pot for boiling, lots of willing hands, scissors, an airator and candy moulds and shapers. That's it. Want to know more? View our Candy making process below.

Step 1>

A mixture of Sugar, Water and Glucose are boiled for 15 to 20 minutes at round about 134 degrees.



Step 2>

The boiling candy mix is poured onto the working table for processing.


Step 3>

Flavour and colour are added to the mix, and worked or manipulated to become a sticky toffee like substance.


Step 4>

To airate the mixture and make it more workable the mixture is placed on a stretching device where the candy 's become lighter of colour and easier to work with.


Step 5>

It then gets stretched and pulled, and stretched and pulled again.


Step 6>

To improve the bonding quality between different colours, a scissor is used to make holes inside the candy slab.


Step 7>

Now for some serious bonding, in this case Brown and Caramel Colours for our delicious Cappuccino Bon Bons...


Step 8>

Slowly, this is a tedious process, the giant candy roll, made from the strips in step7, gets rolled to make a small strip of candy.


Step 9>

Pieces are cut to size for the Bon Bon Shaper.


Step 10>

Our Bon bon shaping device gives you the interesting shape by cutting in two different angles simultaneously.


Step 11>

Then cooling down, hardening and seperating by hand. Here we check that our candy is tip top quality before packing.


Step 12>

We weigh the candy, pack it into bags, add packaging and send it off to your nearest Shooga Shooga Retail outlet.